About Us

At the Bay Tree we like to create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Our staff always make patients feel welcome, from answering any questions to the comfort of having a hand to hold.

The Bay Tree dental group is owned by a husband and wife team: Dr Annemo Lundin and Dr Goran Lundin, both qualified in Sweden in the seventies where they owned a private practice for twenty years before moving to England. In Sweden Dr Annemo Lundin accepted referrals from hospitals to treat nervous patients. Dr Goran Lundin worked in a prostodontic practice; as well as regular cosmetic dentistry he carried out extensive implant and reconstructive surgery, and thus is a member of ICOI (the International Congress of Oral Implantologists).

We pride ourselves in being an amalgam free clinic. Our filling alternatives look natural and are a healthy option for your mouth and general well being. We provide an extensive range of treatments from small fillings to total reconstructive dentistry. Also, in order to give you the smile that you deserve, we offer professional cosmetic and tooth whitening treatments.